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PVC automotive wire to BS6862
Thin Wall Cable 105°C auto wires to ISO6722, BLS62.21.688, Ford SL100.01A, 120°C Unilay PVC twin flat cables to BS6882 table 7 PVC circular multicore automotive cables, screened and unscreened Battery / Starter cables to BS6862 table 1, and flexible battery cables Trailer cables
PVC equipment wire to BS4808, Def Stan 61-12 part 6
Equipment/conduit wires 2491X/HR to BS6500, HO5V-K, HO7V-K & LSF to BS7211, 2491B
Conduit wire 6491X to BS6004, HO5V-U, HO7V-U, HO7V-R, and LSF to BS7211, 6491B
Tri-Rated cables to UL, CSA, BS6231CK, and BS6231 switchgear wires
UL / CSA hook up wires UL1007, UL1015, UL1028, UL1061, UL1213, UL1430, UL1569
Figure 8 cables, speaker cables, OFC cables, unsheathed twisted pairs/triples/quads

PVC, Arctic Grade, and LSF mains flex to BS6500 218-Y/318-Y, and flatform 219-Y/319-Y
Control cables YY, CY, LiYCY, SY including pairs, UL/CSA approved, and LSF
Heavy Duty flexible PVC cables

Coaxial RG, URM, CT styles
UL / CSA multicores, multipairs, and multi-triples, screened/unscreened
Multicore and multipair instrumentation/control cables up to 50 cores, screened/unscreened
Multicore screened/unscreened signal cables to Def Stan 61-12 parts 4 and 5
Multicore/multipair screened/unscreened UTP/FTP data/audio cables, Seatalk

Shipwiring cables 657-TQ, 658-TQ, 6591TQ, BS6883, IEC60332, LSF, UKOOA, NES
Lightweight Shipwiring 100oC XLPE halogen free, flame retardant / fire resistant
Rubber flexible/trailing cables 318-TQ, 638-TQ, to BS6500, BS6007. HO5RR-F, HO7RN-F.
HOFR rubber flexible welding cables
Def Stan 61-12 Part 27
Mining and quarry cables including NCB/BC and BS specifications

Silicone and PTFE wires and cables, tinned, nickel, and silver conductors ~ high temperature
Furnace / kiln cables 750°C pure nickel condr, double glass insulated, glass/silicone braided
Fire performance cables to BS7629, BS6387 CWZ, screened, LSF
Unipren airframe wiring cables

All cables are supplied in a full range of colours

  • Coaxial connectors/terminals
  • Copper tube terminals, sheet terminals, and butt splices
  • Pre-insulated and un-insulated terminals/connectors/cord end ferrules
  • Splash-proof connectors to DIN40050, IP64
  • Cable ties and bases, nylon, stainless steel 304 and 316, and nylon coated stainless steel
  • Heat-shrink tubing, Insulation tapes
  • Flexible and rigid conduit and cable wraps
  • Earthing braids and conductors
  • Hand tools for cable cutting, stripping, crimping
  • Modular power distribution systems, Modular circuit protection systems
  • Fuses, fuse holders, circuit breakers, relays, flashers, enclosures
  • Modular industrial switchgear and controlgear, Weatherproof isolators and switches
  • Industrial, commercial, and domestic switches, switch sockets, and accessories

Stockists and suppliers of:-
VTE Terminal Insulation Products, AMP, Cembre, Clipsal, Delphi Automotive, Grote and Hartmann, iMAXX, Littelfuse, Thin Wall Cable and Automotive Cables.

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